Gunther Seiffert


Record updated 18-Oct-21

Gunther Seiffert
G√ľnther Seiffert is a former racing driver from Germany. He made one attempt at a World Championship Formula One event, entering the 1962 German Grand Prix with a Lotus run by Wolfgang Seidel's team. The car was shared with Seidel himself, but they failed to qualify.

Seiffert also participated in several non-Championship Formula One races during 1962-63, mostly for Seidel's team. He generally qualified at the back of the grid and, when he finished races, it was usually also at the back of the field. He drew attention to himself at the 1962 Lavant Cup when he knocked John Surtees out of the race, but his best showing was in his last Formula One event, where he finished 7th, albeit 12 laps down, at the 1963 Austrian Grand Prix.

Retired to concentrate on dealing in classic cars based in Germany and Belgium.