Dee Toran

4/1/1910 - 30/10/1989

Record updated 17-Apr-08

Dee Toran
Diego 'Dee' Toran, born in Patterson, New Jersey, USA, was a riding mechanic and racing driver.

He was the riding mechanic for Floyd Davis at Indy in 1937 when they crashed in the North West turn on lap 190. Earlier in the race the exhaust pipe on their Thorne Engineering Miller had come loose and Toran was observed holding on to it to stop it falling off completely! In the crash both men were rendered temporarity unconsious. Toran was thrown from the car into the middle of the track where fortunatly he was missed by the oncoming cars.

Raced Midgets post WWII and was convicted of manslaughter after the death of Alvin 'Jeep' Colkitt during a 100 lap ARDC feature race at Bridgeport on June 10th 1947