Norbert Przybilla

10/2/1943 - 15/1/2009

Record updated 10-Feb-23

German sports car driver, raced mainly in Interserie in the 1980s.

Norbert Przybilla
Norbert Konrad Przybilla was born in Beuthen, Germany and trained as a mechanic.

He started racing in 1965 and by 1973 he was competing in touring cars with a BMW 2002 and in 1974 with a BMW 3.0 CSL.

In 1975 he switched to sports cars racing occasionally in a Chevron B21 and a B31 in 1976 and 1977. After a single race in a Lola T297 in 1978, he acquired a TOJ SC302 and mounted a full campaign of Interserie racing, taking a win at Most. He posted another good finish at Most the following year.

He continued in Interserie in 1981 racing his trusty TOJ SC302 but the car was by now no longer competitive so for 1982 he bought a TOJC390. He had a number of top 10 finishes that year including a season best second at Most.

Another season and a half of Interserie followed with a number of podium finishes for the C390 before Norbert upgraded to a Porsche Kremer Racing CK5 mid way through 1984.

From then on he cut down on his racing and in 1986 Norbert moved to Louisiana where he set up the European Car Centre in Shreveport.

He made his last appearance in 1988 driving a Porsche CK5 in the GTE World Challenge of Tampa race at the Florida State Fairgrounds, finishing 9th.

He succumbed to cancer after a long battle.