Fred Luther and one of the world's first (if not the first) automobile powered motorcycles

21-Jun-23 historicracing.com

Fred Luther was a pioneering motorcycle rider who had been competing since 1915. By 1934 his life must have become somewhat mundane as he came up with the idea of building a motorcycle to break the Land Speed Record....continue reading


Grover Bergdoll

08-Jul-23 historicracing.com

Grover Cleveland Bergdoll was a wealthy early aviator, racing driver and notorious World War I draft dodger who fled to Germany to avoid service....continue reading

The Donington Grand Prix in 1937

21-Apr-23 historicracing.com

The Donington Grand Prix in 1937. The first chance the British public had to see the Mercedes and Auto Union cars racing and, what a spectacle it proved to be! Though the reputation of the machines preceded them, no-one was prepared for that first lap. ...continue reading

Valdir Fauirin twin engined special

19-Apr-23 historicracing.com

Now then! The history of motoring has seen any number of twin-engined adventures, usually to nobody’s worthwhile benefit. But this wonderful little, Brazilian, home-build race car from 1971, was a bit special. Even for that sphere of novelty....continue reading

Behold the GAZ-TP

17-Apr-23 historicracing.com

Built in 1954, under official approval from the Supreme Presidium of the Soviet Socialist Republic, it’s claimed to have been the world’s first car ever jet-driven land vehicle, loaded, as it was, with the motivational extracts of a MIG-17....continue reading








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Events on January 15th

Interesting and notable events from the history of motor sport.


Torrey Pines, La Jolla, California. Masten Gregory drove a Maserati to victory in a one hour Sports Car race.

La Jolla, California, USA. Masten Gregory drove a Maserati to victory in a one hour Sports Car race on the Torrey Pines circuit. Gregory averaged 72.9 mph over the 2.7 mile Torrey Pines circuit, that used public roads in an undeveloped area North of San Diego. It became the site of a municipal golf course.


Argentine Grand Prix, Buenos Aires. Won by Mario Andretti in a Lotus.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mario Andretti won the pole and led all 52 laps in a Lotus to win the Argentine Grand Prix by 13 seconds over Niki Lauda. Patrick Depailler's Tyrell finished 3rd just four-tenths of a second behind Lauda, who was making his first start for the Brabham team. James Hunt (McLaren), Ronnie Peterson (Lotus) and Patrick Tambay (McLaren) rounded out the point earners while Gilles Villeneuve (Ferrari) turned the fastest race lap.


Basil van Rooyen

19/4/1939 - 14/9/2023

Ken McAlpine

21/9/1920 - 8/4/2023

Craig Breedlove

23/3/1937 - 4/4/2023

Slim Borgudd

25/11/1946 - 23/2/2023

Jean-Pierre Jabouille

1/10/1942 - 2/2/2023

Ken Block

21/11/1967 - 2/1/2023