Chaps Number 3

This week back in 2008 Chris served up a mix of remarkable images from the past including the iconic image of Major Peter Braid's Cooper on the roof of a hut at Blandford Army Camp


Giancarlo Baghetti

Giancarlo Baghetti, arguably the first and only person to win his very first F1 World Championship Grand Prix when the Federazione Italiana Scuderie Automobilistiche acquired a new Ferrari 156 for the French Grand Prix at Reims, entering him for this World Championship event. 

Once Wolfgang von Trips, Ritchie Ginther and Phil Hill had all retired their works 156 cars, Baghetti was left to uphold Ferrari honour. He overcame Dan Gurney's Porsche to take victory, giving him a hat-trick of wins from his first three Grand Prix; aside from Nino Farina winning the first ever World Championship Grand Prix in 1950, Baghetti still arguably remains the only driver to have won his first ever World Championship race.

A list of the drivers born on this day. Note this is not a compete list, if you know of any driver who should be added, please contact us by clicking here. Thank you.

Lost to Us in 2021

Mauro Forghieri
1935 - 2022

Mauritz von Strachwitz
1929 - 2022

Alain de Cadenet
1945 - 2022

Tony Brooks
1932 - 2022

Reine Wisell
1941 - 2022

Vic Elford
1935 - 2022

Bruce Johnstone
1937 - 2022


Chaps Number 6

This episode of Chaps features some interesting design ideas that, how can we put it politely, were never going to work, as well as Jose-Froilan Gonzalez looking a little like the late John Belushi, apparently indulging in a Fuck-Off contest with BRM founder Raymond Mays.

Chaps Number 2

For this week's Chaps we look at some of the more colourful exploits of our heroes starting with Hans Herrmann posting his retirement from the 1959 German GP at Avus.....read on.

So it’s sharp left, then floor-it. No, Hang on….WAIT!!!

Swiss roller Edgar Berney was generally seen as an accomplished and steady hand, with at least eight “I Drove The Le Mans 24-Hours” T-shirts hanging on his line. And, while we seriously doubt whether he ever cherished the 1966 version as a particular favourite, it was at least his best remembered!