Chuck Weyant


Chuck Weyant Joe Shaheen's number one driver for years, Chuck came from a racing family. His father and brother also raced midgets. Starting his career just before the war, he blossomed into a winner in 1947. Chuck raced during an era when many drivers didnt come home at the end of the day. His racing career took him from coast to coast and he competed in four Indianapolis 500s. In the late 40s Weyant won track titles at Belleville and Charleston, Illinois. He won at least 64 main events during his midget career and placed in the top 25 in the National points battle nine times from 1951 through 1971. Beginning in 1955 he balanced his midget career with the Indianapolis cars. Of his 13 National Championship midget victories his biggest was the 1955 Hut Hundred at Terre Haute, Indiana's famed half-mile Action Track driving for Hall of Fame member Johnny Pawl. It was also his rookie year at Indianapolis where he placed 12th. He competed again at Indy in 1957, 1958 and 1959. During his 4 years at Indy, six drivers died in practice or on race day. Beside the Shaheen and Pawl machines Weyant scored victories for Ralph Wilke, Carl Forberg, Milan Bursac and Dick Kincaid.