Dennis Scribbans

26/1/1909 - 3/1/1989

Record updated 26-Jan-23

ERA driver before WWII.

Dennis Scribbans
Born at Streetley, Staffordshire 1907. He became a successful stockbroker based in Birmingham. He bought ERA R9B in 1936. R9B had a 1.5 litre engine with cream paintwork.

1936 was his first season and he had a number of good finishes in minor events including the final of the British Mountain Championship at Brooklands that Easter. The car was also used by Charlie Martin to win the Nuffield Trophy at Donington Park.

He raced it again during the 1937 season without any great success though he did take fourth in the First Campbell Circuit Race at Brooklands behind Bira, Rayson and Anthony Powyss-Lybbe.

He eventually sold the car to Bob Ansell in 1938 who purchased the car with an IOU to be honoured when he became of age.

He served as an Captain in the Army during the war. Died in Plymouth, Devon in 1989.